Custom Area Rugs


Easy decorating with custom rugs

With the influx of hard surface flooring being installed throughout residential homes, the demand for area rugs are at an all time high. Andy’s is proud to offer in house custom area rug fabrication to help complete any space. Andy’s offers the following design advice.

Custom makes it easier

1. Don’t be afraid to go custom. “Custom” sounds daunting & costly. Don’t let the word “custom” intimidate you. In the long run a properly sized area rug saves lots of headaches; don’t be impatient and get something that’s the wrong size.

2. Andy’s huge stock of thousands of carpet remnants makes selection easy. Simply choose the right style and color and Andy’s will cut off the amount you need and finish the edges with a complimentary color.

3. Andy recommends an 8” margin between the edge of the rug and your wall.



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Size and furniture

4. Don’t go too small. Some might think a smaller rug with more floor space showing will make your room look bigger. The opposite is true, a widespread rug that takes up volume make your space look bigger.

5. Consider your furniture: A side table wobbles if it is only partially on a rug. In a bedroom, area rugs should stop in front of bedside tables & dressers. Take into account the types of furniture you have and where their placement will be on a rug before purchasing. This is another reason why you shouldn’t be afraid to get a custom fit, or have a store bought area rug cut down.
Custom Area Rugs in Cincinnati, OH from Andy's Dalton Ga Flooring

Yarn type & location

6. Consider yarn content & location. Nylon is synthetic and durable. Polyester is stain resistant and value priced. Wool is natural and is the most durable of the fiber choices but costs substantially more.

7. Don’t forget a rug cushion to either protect a pre-finished hardwood floor or add softness to a new area rug.

8. Consider circles, ovals, square, per rectangle size. The options are only limited by our imagination.

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