There are plenty of flooring installation facts here for you

A professional flooring installation not only ensures the perfect placement of your chosen materials, but it protects your investment over time. You will never have to worry about a voided warranty, and if you have problems in the future, you'll always have someone to call. Read along now to find out more about these options that could be just what you need for the perfect flooring experience.

Every flooring installation is different

The reason a professional installation is so necessary is that every material requires a different kind of installation. For example, even products in the same flooring line can require a different approach, such as loose-lay vinyl versus standard vinyl, which employs entirely different techniques to put the materials in place. The same is true in each product line, with requirements varying wildly among some.

Some materials, such as laminate or luxury vinyl flooring, are quickly and easily installed and allow you to walk on your new floors immediately after. These options save you money on the installation process and give you the same impressive results you were counting on. It also means you can do a whole-home installation often in as little as a single day.

The installation can take days for materials like carpet, solid hardwood, and all-natural stone, especially if the remodel is large. Extreme precision is required in all aspects of the service, including measurements, cuts, and placement, for the results you want and need. Hardwood products have the added requirement of an acclimation period, which can last from one to three days before installation can begin, and is required to ensure no cracking, warping, or splitting after installation.



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